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There is no concept in our law that there is a category of person called loose women who are deemed somehow to consent and certainly there is no law that merely because a young woman might give an indication that she was friendly with someone and didn’t protest too much when they were laying hands on her that she therefore was consenting to anything.

That is not the law. When I commenced the summing up, I said this: This is the twenty-first century since the birth of Christ; we are not in the nineteenth, eighteenth or seventeenth centuries.

Whatever they might have done in those centuries, the law is now perfectly clear – any woman is entitled to refuse consent to sexual intercourse at any time.

Going back to the bed linen sale that I mentioned earlier, I must say that I went to the store with the intention of just window shopping( okay, I probably intended to buy a small something with which to treat myself) as I had recently spent a tidy sum on linen and towels.

After avoiding most of the pushy shop assistants, I was reluctantly lured into watching a demonstration on the newest thing on the market- the Memory Foam Mattress. This is touted as giving you the most comfortable and supportive place to rest your weary body after a hard days work, since apparently the material it is made from retains the imprint of your body for a longer time than normal mattresses, allowing it to mould itself to your contours and providing support to your muscles and joints.

She says educationally it’s been a hard road for him and he had to take secondary school level maths because his Syrian qualifications weren’t recogised. It took three years for him to learn English.    

You could also mention Cyrine Abdel Nour or even Arwa Gouda and the fact will remain that these ladies are talented in more than one area. Steering clear of heavy discussions that may bring religion and women into the same sentence, you may instead come up with names.

For example, Maya Diab, Myriam Fares or Haifa Wehbe.

Al-Nazi said he did not realise he had stabbed Mr Al-Araimi at the time, telling jurors at Inner London Crown Court that he had wanted an apology after an Arabic insult was shouted at him when he asked for a cigarette.

After Mohamed I, several princes took care of the construction of the Alhambra.

It was not just about the buildings, but there was also a beautiful garden with an irrigation system. The Alhambra was designed in 1238 and would consist of 6 palaces, 2 towers and various bath houses. In 1526 Charles V’s grandson had a palace built in the middle of the Alhambra, part of which was demolished and fortunately his wife, Isabella of Portugal, prevented further devastation at the Alhambra.

That is how we can still see the Alhambra today and if you are in Granada then that is definitely recommended. The name comes from Qasr Alhamra (the red palace). Mohamed I came to power over Granada, Malaga and Almeria in 1237 and became the first Islamic king in Spain. In 1492, Granada became the Catholics again and Charles V was in power. Mohamed I went to live in Granada and ordered the construction of the Alhambra.

The Alhambra started as Ford, hence the strategic position. The first palace, the Alcazaba, was built under the control of Mohamed I. This was the original Arabic name and was corrupted to Alhamra.

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Name: He dished that Grimes ‘came up with the name’ except for ‘A-12’ which was ‘my contribution’ and was inspired by Lockheed’s aircraft ‘Archangel-12, the precursor to the SR-71, coolest plane ever.

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