Here are the ABCs of Sex


Women's nipples and areolas, the dark circles around them, x male enhancement are two to three times less sensitive than her index finger, so use a firmer touch here when dialing.


German researchers say 32% of women like ogling our bums, so tone your butt.

Lunges, dead lifts and lying leg curls will give you choice cheeks for loving.


About 30% of smokers experience impotence. But quit now and you'll lower your flop risk to where it was in your pre-puffing days.

Dr Vibe

The sabar vibrator is all about exploration in all the right places and the size is perfect for just about everyone.


She's got a headache?

Gently stimulate her G-spot. The pressure will make her feel pain far less intensely. Massage it manually or go the woman on top and rear entry position.


Women hear enough horror stories about the nice guy as sexual predator to be wary of loners.

If you see a woman at a party, find a mutual acquaintance to introduce you, preferable a female one.


The avocado is high in vitamin E, magnesium, potassium and zinc, which boosts libido and increase sexual stamina. Peel and mash two of them and stir in a chopped onion, a tomato, the juice of one lime, a clove of garlic (minced).

Season with salt and pepper. Apply liberally.

Happy Hour

Keen on baby making? Your best chance of conceiving is in the late afternoon or early evening.

In your Hands

There's no 'I' in sex, but there is in masturbation. If sperm isn't ejaculated after about 70 days, it begins to age and build up.

So it's only healthy to occasionally get a grip and release it.

Jik Away

Many people derive more satisfaction from a clean house than from sex. That's bad news for slobs. Invest in a house cleaning service and put her feather duster to better use.


Is what you could experience if she takes agnus castus.

German researches found women taking the herb, more than half had at least a 50% reduction in PMS symptoms, including irritability, a lack of energy and tender breasts.


It's time to go nuts… L-arginine, an amino acid found in peanuts, increases blood flow in the body and acts as a signal for sexual arousal.

It's the only nutrient proven to increase sexual satisfaction in women.


In search of true love? Have a female friend at your side and tell a few jokes. Research shows that a man is 50 to 100 percent more desirable to women when other ladies say they like him.


Try not to be.

Women rank self confidence as one of the sexiest qualities in a man. Stand tall and make direct eye contact. Above all else, smile. It goes a long way.

Old Spice

Be a devil and spritz some cologne on her pillow. Women who smell men's cologne while fantasizing become aroused.


In the sex game, anyone can strike it rich with the right strategy.

Talk to one new woman every day. We know a guy who did this 100 days straight and recorded a 66 percent strike rate.


Sometimes women just want a quickie. But how do you know when we're up for it? If you're firmer and more impulsive and she responds, go with it.

Robinson, Mrs

Tired of striking out with your sister's friends?

Try picking up at Mom's tennis club instead. Older women are closer to their sexual peaks and chances are they'll think you're much better looking too – even as you age, surveys show.


Women hate same old sex. Scientists say the sensors in the brain react more strongly to pleasure when it's unexpected.

Next time you're in bed, blindfold her with a scarf and then randomly touch and taste her.

Talk it Up

Sex talk elevates the excitement in women because it triggers fantasies and the feeling of being desired, making women horny and helping to reach orgasm.


The U-spot's at the opening to the urethra, just above the vagina where there are rich nerve endings.

Gently stimulate it with your fingers and tongue.

Vaginal A-spot

Located on the front wall of the vagina, a third of the way down from the cervix. Find it with deep penetration, doggy style.


… is how often 48 percent of women are tinkering with their own toys.

Want to get in on the action? Use the heel of your palm to stimulate the clitoris and your fingers to enter her vagina.


Most women say a bad kiss had put them off going any further with a man. And a good kiss is was enough to seal the deal.

Remember; practice makes perfect.

Your Heart

Men can cut their risk of cardiovascular disease in half by having sex tree to four times a year.


Roughly half of men who snore also have problems with erections. Snoring can usually be cured with out-patients laser surgeries that take about 7 minutes.

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