Olympian took to Instagram on Sunday to share some seriously gorgeous images of himself and his son Robbie dressed as Batman and Robin over the weekend.

The gold medallist, twitter reseller panel 27, shared some adorable a snaps with his 3.5m followers which showed his son, three, dressed as the caped crusader and him as his trusty sidekick Robin.

 In the picture the sportsman lovingly held on to his son and captioned the image, ‘Happy Halloween from Batman and Robin.’ 

Too Cute: Tom Daley, 27,  took to Instagram on Sunday to share some seriously gorgeous images of himself and his son Robbie dressed as Batman and Robin over the Halloween weekend

The second image showed Tom proudly wearing his Robin outfit with a bright yellow cape and green tights.

The pictures come after Tom recently revealed that he would like to have more children.  

The diver, shares Robbie with husband – screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, 47.

And speaking to , Tom admitted he wants Robbie to have siblings, but that it’s trickier for same-sex couples.  

Message: Tom wished his 3.5m instagram followers a ‘Happy Halloween from Batman and Robin’

‘It’s not quite as easy as a bottle of wine and a good time. A lot of thought has to go into it,’ he told the publication. ‘But absolutely, I’d love more kids.’

Asked about the 20 year age-gap between the couple, Tom explained that he barely notices it. 

‘If anything, Lance is very much the big kid in the house. I consider myself to be an older soul.’ 

Caped Crusader: The Olympian dressed up in the spirit of Halloween as Batman’s sidekick Robin’.

‘Hence I have nearly 200 houseplants, and I knit, and I like to be able to have conversations with people who have experienced a similar amount as I have. 

That’s where Lance and I connected a lot – he had lost his brother, I’d lost my dad, and then he lost his mum. 

We’d also experienced the highs of a career and having that comedown afterwards. That was something we really were able to connect on.’ 

On their championing LGBT rights in the UK, the US and the Commonwealth, Tom said: ‘In terms of sport,

 I think no country should be able to host any kind of international event unless they have equal rights for LGBT people, for women, for people of colour. 

‘There should be a standard, where anyone that wants to go there is going to be safe, supported and not feel threatened for their life.

‘The 2022 football World Cup is in Qatar – for women and queer people, that can be a dangerous place. 

‘After I came out, I didn’t go to Russia [which has homophobic laws] to compete, because I was worried, and then [for the next competition there] I was like: ‘You know what? I want to go, to be visible.’

‘That, I think, is more powerful than not going at all. As an athlete, I’m in a safer position, but for people just living their lives in many countries, it’s a scary place to be.’ 

Happy couple: Tom and Dustin Lance Black have been married since 2017 

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