“The diet is designed to last three weeks and includes a 1200 calorie daily calorie intake. This diet is predicted to result in an 8-10 kg weight reduction.

The first week

Every three hours, you must consume one orange (only 1 kg per day). Aside from that, the daily diet consists of two boiled eggs and two liters of gas-free water. The following two weeks will be more thoughtful.

The second week

Each day, consume 1 kilogram of oranges (in the form of juices) and drink plenty of water, as well as a little amount of porridge on the water. Porridge might be salty or bland, but it should never be sweet. Buckwheat, oatmeal, pearl barley, and millet are examples of grains that can be used. The good news is that you can have porridge for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at any time of day.

Week three

The diet consists of 1 kilogram of oranges and 1 liter of water each day. Oatmeal can be replaced with fruits and vegetables. The latter can be eaten raw, cooked, or steamed, and prepared in the oven or microwave. There are no limitations on serving sizes.

This diet can be followed up to twice a year.

Contraindications The diet is not suitable for people who are allergic to citrus fruits. Also, if you detect any redness or breakouts on your skin, stop your diet right once. Eating this many oranges on a regular basis might cause hives in even the healthiest of people.”

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