I’ve tried many solutions, applewatch維修 however nonetheless, this situation persists. So, what I do is I turn off Bluetooth and It works. Let’s say you might be utilizing AirPods on your Mac then turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone. I’m unsure if this may work in your AirPods Pro, however it’s value attempting as it’d fix the disconnection problem.

Familiarize yourself with the light patterns and colors talked about in this article to determine the kind of problem you’re having, and you’ll be ready to fix most of the issues by yourself. As you’ve already observed, resetting the AirPods won’t repair all the pieces but can be a quick repair for some frequent problems.

Apple Watches have discovered a distinct segment within the wearable electronics market, and sales have been increasing steadily since the device was first introduced a few years in the past. With an Apple Watch, you get the company’s properly-recognized product dependability in addition to a protracted checklist of useful options. In case your watch malfunctions, although, it can be irritating. For example, possibly your Apple Watch is stuck on the brand, and you can’t seem to make it do something. If that’s the issue you’re facing, take a look at this article for some possible options.

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