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Initially Posted by LightningZee No worries, completely happy to converse with you 🙂 With the X4, is it a noose-primarily based system?

I hear many people classifying the PF as an Ads, but i’m unsure its totally accurate; if anything I feel its a hybrid between an Advertisements and an extender.Have a superb assume about that funding, and don’t buy too quickly, It’ll nonetheless be around later. I say this as a result of I’m virtually 500 hours in with no noticeable positive factors and likewise deciding if my funding was worth the return – in fact, that is after the purchase when it’s too late to do anything about it. If the least i can do with my PF utilization is save someone the financial loss and problem, i assume it will make me really feel much less of a sucker.

Not so converse preliminary although; if you dont thoughts ready, I plan to stick round right here for some time longer as im presently on th closing day of the second month of my 6 month trial period utilizing the PF. Im very scrutinous so if it really works, or doesnt work, perhaps my expertise will push you in the best path

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