I’ve had issues finding quality moisture wicking shirts that don’t put me in bankruptcy or leave me looking like an absolute tool. MLB shirts have been incredibly comfortable, have a fantastic fit for an athletic-shaped body, are delightfully light weight, cheap Red Wings jerseys wick moisture, and overall have been a great purchase. I live and work in the desert so the sun and heat a real factors in your enjoyment of outdoor exercise. This product has not disappointed and I’ll be sure to replace the old and busted shirts from the past with these as the old ones wear out.

Very light weight and breathable. I ran in it this morning and even though it was cooler outside it felt great. For the price this is a nice running shirt. The only thing I’m worried about is how long it will hold up. The fact that the material seems light weight makes me think that it will wear out quicker. Time will tell but so far it seems like a good product.

A word of caution – the fabric depends on the color / model selected. A*** models are polyester/spandex blends while B**** models are 100% polyester (at the time of writing). For those of us who have gotten… fluffy… during the COVID-19 period, the spandex may not be super welcome. Ordered a second set without spandex – we’ll see how those fit.

The ones I received (with spandex) seem true to size, if a bit form fitting, and quality seems as expected. I’m a fairly large MLB fan and will continue to purchase their wares.

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