Today, esports event company Ultimo GG has launched the first-ever gaming NFT into space. The video, which can be viewed here, shows Ultimo GG launching a ledger filled with its ULTGG tokens into space along with the first ULTGG NFT.

ULTGG, the company’s gaming token, reached an impressive $25m market cap within 10 minutes of launching earlier this week. Shortly after the token’s launch, the amount of wallet holders grew to 11,000 in 20 hours. Since then, the token has seen continuous growth, with a slew of announcements keeping the initial momentum alive.

Ultimo GG made a name for itself by putting together unique gaming events in venues from famous London nightclubs to landmark shopping centres like The Bullring in Birmingham and Senayan City Hall in Jakarta. Now, focusing on an online business model due to the pandemic, the token launch is the company’s latest step towards new avenues of revenue growth.

Ultimo GG’s mission is to democratize gaming and content creation, giving gamers and creators of all skill levels a chance to shine on an in-development one-stop-shop platform for gaming, content creation, community building, e-commerce and much more. Its hope is for ULTGG to power all its platform

Ultimo’s brand ambassadors include Jon Marianek (manager to the Logan Brothers Jake & Paul), boxing legend Amir Khan, and Indonesian esports superstar Claraksu.

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