The mermaids in this story serve a greater purpose than merely as assistants for men who sail on the ocean. They have become symbols of independence and sexuality for women all over the world. Even though they have been depicted as sexy and sensuous in the mermaid films up to present day, the original mermaids are depicted as tragic creatures, always looking for mermaids to mate with to complete their species. When Dr. Merkin and his associate, Dr.

David Strick, set out on a dangerous mission to find the mythical mermaids, they were aided by the Chinese princess Song-Ki. She had been searching for one like her own deceased brother. On their second expedition, they encounter the pirateship Kidd, which has been commandeered by the evil Captain Hook. Merkin trades his freedom for the mermaid’s life and she willingly gives up her quest once they find her. However, both she and the doctor get captured and placed on board the pirates’ ship.

Once there, they encounter many more mermaids along the way who want to free themselves from the pirates. They finally reach the pirates’ stronghold, where Meg and the doctors are reunited with the other mermaids. Though reluctantly they go after Captain Hook and try to make an escape, they are pursued by his men. Meg is determined to exact revenge on her enemies. However, Meg’s plan goes terribly wrong. The mermaids are transformed into monsters, and Meg is nearly killed when the ship is boarded by the pirates.

Just then, a sudden storm catches the mermaids, who are saved by Button. Now Button is determined to teach the rest of the mermaids to fight pirates by himself. So he gathers all the other mermaids and they enter the city. During this time, Meg merges with Button and they form a new identity as Button and joins the fight against Captain Hook. During the battle, they learn that Meg is pregnant, which prompts Button to throw Meg overboard. The mermaids are saved when Button and his crew came to rescue them.

The crew uses magic to restore Meg’s lost memories. In the sequel, the story is told from the perspective of the children in the present, allowing them to see what happened to their friend. They also discover that Button is still alive, but he is now a changed man. The film ends with the mermaid sacrificing herself to save Button, but she does not succeed. Meg finally gives birth to Button, but he has no memory of the entire ordeal. The Mermaids Mates is not a happy ending.

The plot is poor and it lacks a strong plot. That is why many audiences choose to skip this film and go watch something else that may have better graphics and story. However, the people who hate the poor plot will find this to be an enjoyable, romantic, and at times touching film. If you are a girl, this is one of your favorites, but you should avoid the other versions that were made years before. If you are a boy, the Mermaids Mates will probably make you weak in the knees and cause you to wish that you were a mermaid.

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