The house has a fairytale façade straight from a painter’s canvas that was salvaged by Perkins Architects, who painstakingly stripped away heavy layers of wisteria that threatened to destroy the historic front.

That’s a staggering $2.5million higher than the average price of a three-bedroom in the Clifton Hill area, which was $1.3million in 2020, according to sales records from Mr Staver told Daily Mail Australia the house has ‘one of the districts most stunning façades’, renovated in a style that ‘seamlessly blends the old with the new’.

Both the paint and wallpaper can be used in effective ways to improve the aesthetic appeal of your rooms. Both textured paints and patterned wallpaper can be used for creating stunning backdrops for your furniture. You can unleash your creativity with bringing any of the option to your roo

While hurting many businesses depending on international travel and workers, the border closure gave the country’s first travel surplus in years, as Australians – avid travellers – traded international forays for local excursions.

Designed by architecture agency eph Studio, ‘Little Hutt House’ (pictured) in Mount Lawley, three kilometres northeast of the CBD, is based on an ancient Japanese concept that brings nature into every corner

The unique design has been recognised with sought-after accolades and was a shortlist entrant for Open House Perth, an annual awards show that promotes the finest residential architecture in Western Australia’s capital.

A point to be kept in mind is both paint and wallpaper can be applied only on smoothened walls. You can select to have a mix of wallpaper & paint for your home. So choose according to your needs & add striking embellishments to your wall

Designed by national architecture agency eph Studio, ‘Little Hutt House’ in Mount Lawley, three kilometres northeast of the CBD, is based on the principles of Shou Sugi Ban, an ancient Japanese concept which creates a seamless connection between the interior and outdoor spaces to bring the tranquility of nature into every corner.

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The newspaper also published recordings from Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton, one of the architects interior of Melbourne’s 111-day strict and successful lockdown last year, who suggested that Australia must start thinking about a reopening strategy once there is high vaccination coverage.

Space creation is the main factor in minimalistic design as taking up the essentials is always preferred. Exposing of space for just taking space are to be avoided and keeping it clutter free is always advisabl

When the chairs, tables and wall structure are the same color will help to keep the ambiance relaxed and easy. Green, blue, black and white, are the perfect colors to use in home design which is aimed at minimalis

Keeping the furniture to the minimum is preferred. As a bedroom needs nothing more than a bed, a small side table, wardrobe and perhaps a chair, if you really aspire to a true minimalist design. In the same way when we plan a living room we may need enough seating for the average number of people generally occupying your hom

While both of them have their own advantages and limitations, and the right option will depend on your type of requirement customer have. To decide on your choice easier, paint and wallpaper has been covered under six essential element

Organization and storage is the key to maintain a minimalistic design. Concealed units play a major role for instance keep things like books, clothing, cleaning products, cosmetics and other everyday items out of sight and organized within drawers and closets.

In this way Minimalism is about tricking the eye into believing there is less when, in reality, things are simply well hidde

MELBOURNE, May 16 (Reuters) – Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said on Sunday the government will stick to plans to start reopening the country only from mid-next year, as pressure mounts on the ruling conservatives to end the international border closure.

“Like many measures, international border closures had a temporary place, but it is not sustainable and will turn us into a hermit outpost,” Tim Wilson, a Liberal Party member of parliament from Melbourne, was quoted as saying by The Sunday Age.

Paint offers tremendous opportunity for customization. Paints can be designed in any colour you want. You can choose from thousands of paint swatches or mix hues & tints to get an exactly customized colour. Wallpaper is still limited in our country. Though there are a wide variety of standard designs available in stores, but still it is tricky to find a vendor to print out customized pattern

Good quality paint done on walls, when given good finish can last you up to five years. But the paint tends to fade and come out in flakes in areas that have maximum usage and sunlight exposure. So retouching will be necessary in 3 years. Wallpaper, on the other hand, will be your long term partner. However, wallpaper is not free of tearing. Any mishap will mean that you will have to redo the entire process of stripping & pasting, which is more time consuming than re-painting the wall

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