Glass floor panels and Panele podłogowe interior design

Glass floor panels can be used to add a contemporary and sleek look to domestic and commercial properties.

One popular choice is using clear pieces of glass so you can display items in your floor space. This could be strictly ornamental or decorative objects as well as personal collections. For instance, a professional footballer may be keen to display his collection of match shirts exchanged with other players in an interesting way.

Glass floor Panele podłogowe panels can also be installed to help utilise a view or let light flow through your home or office space. This is a popular choice for floors above cellars or basements due to the light enhancing qualities. Another method is installing an external panel to serve as a skylight.

Other decorative glass options include coloured or tinted glass and a range of finishes such as patterns made by sandblasting. Sandblasted patterns have the added benefit of providing grip – a useful advantage if they are being used externally as it means you are much less likely to slip over.

Glass floor panels can also be complemented with glass balustrades, splashbacks and worktops as well as any furniture which adds to a minimalist look.Alternatively if you are feeling adventurous you could bring the best out of your new floor feature with some painted glass wall cladding.

Installing glass floor panels

There are a variety ways of installing glass floor panels but usually a steel – typically mild steel – frame is put in before a protective layer of rubber is fitted.

A toughened piece of glass, often laminated with a PVC interlayer, is rested on top. The thickness and resistance of glass depends on the traffic it will need to withstand. Obviously, the more people walking over a panel, the tougher it needs to be. Just in case you are wondering, the steel framework can be spray painted or powder coated to be a suitable colour to match any tinted glass.

It is easy to personalize your design.

With glass floor panels from you are guaranteed to receive high quality precision glazing that can be finished in a variety of ways. It is a totally bespoke process and they take care of the measuring so you do not have to.If you are looking for an eye catching way to revamp a commercial property or Panele podłogowe to decorate your home it is worth giving them a call.

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