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We welcome you to the official article of the Hydra website

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Hydra Link Onion

It was made for the purpose of reviewing and publishing real mirrors on the hydra shop, so that you do not fall into the hands of various scammers, we strongly recommend that you save these mirrors to your favorites and never lose them, the next time you visit various dubious copies of the site, we advise you to start check our list below.

Hydra’s proven mirrors

HYDRA is undoubtedly a powerful darknet platform for the sale of drugs and illegal / prohibited services, everyone in the CIS and the Russian Internet space speaks and knows about us and our activities, so they try to put a spoke in our wheels and interfere with us, some parasites of our website have also formed. make copies and take money from users, be careful!

Especially for you, so that you can always know which site you are on, whether the hydra site you visited is a fake or not, to be able to check the delivery, we publish for you a complete list of official hydra shop mirrors:


There are also links to hydra such as onion, you may have seen such links and could not enter from your regular browser, the fact is that you cannot do this from a regular browser, for this you need to use a specific browser called the Tor browser . Using such links of ours and using the browser directly will protect you and make your sessions on the hydra site much more stable, since the RKN, for example, cannot greatly interfere with us on the given expanses of the dark Internet and, as a result, the site’s outage time during DDOS attacks is reduced. Here are the links to the hydra torus:

How to access hydra from your phone (android or iPhone)

A little higher, we told you about the tor browser, and so it exists on phones, download a browser on your android tor to be always online and be able to use your favorite store at any time. You can also use ordinary mirrors from your phone, but this may compromise your safety a little, we recommend that you still spend a small amount of time installing the torus and use it already.

All you need is a phone, if it is android, then in the playmarket you can easily download the tor browser, if the iphone is also without problems in the appstore, just in case, a link to the Torah website

It should be noted that using through android will be safer, since it it is possible to set a password for the application, so we exclude the accidental fact that someone can see what is happening in your tor browser and does not give a chance for intruders who somehow take over your phone


After installing the Tor hydraclubbioknikokex7njhwuahc2l67lfiz7z36md2jvopda7nchid.onion browser, you need to start it and wait until it connects to the tor network, then you can use the torus of the link to hydra onion in it. After you get to the site from your phone in the toro, be sure to go to the settings and set a password for the application.

We wish you happy shopping and good mood!

For all questions, you can contact the administration. Go to the articles of the official hydra, perhaps you did not find what you were looking for here, so these are articles, manuals and instructions of the hydra site for you .

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