Paris, the world’s most popular destination, is the primary target for real estate funding in France, notably in the retail, lodge and residential sectors. Actual property prices have historically been engaging in contrast with different main European cities and demand for office house is expected to grow as extra firms and organisations set up in France.

Buoyed by a good setting, the trade even skilled strong and promising progress in S1 2015 (source: EY): + 30% in number of deals (244 vs. 188 in S1 ‘14), + 115% in dollars ($1,1B vs. $511M in S1 ‘14). This pattern is anticipated to proceed within the second half of 2015.

The French domestic market is giant enough to construct sturdy businesses. Let’s recall that France is the first marketplace for Airbnb and the second for Uber, after the US. However, it is not massive sufficient to build world corporations. French entrepreneurs at the moment are part of a new frenzy that includes having offices in New York or San Francisco to launch their products within the US market. Today, three French startups arrive each day at SFO or JFK. One other truth of the increasing globalization of the French tech scene is that on average, French startups make 43% of their revenue abroad.

On feeling secure: I feel safe right here, site ( but I’m all the time vigilant and aware of my surroundings identical to once i lived in New York City. There have been just a few break-ins on my avenue over the past couple of years, and only recently, somebody tried to rob a couple of stores in my neighborhood with a knife.

This second camp mourns the decline of nuclear energy, which has steepened since the 2011 meltdown at Fukushima. The International Energy Company estimates the developed world is on observe to lose 66% of its present nuclear capability by 2040. Within the US, where nuclear power produces almost 40% of the nation’s low-carbon energy, 11 reactors have been decommissioned since 2013 — and 9 more will soon join them.

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