The interviews appeared to engender public sympathy for Ms Berejiklian – but they came back to bite her on Thursday when the counsel assisting the ICAC, Scott Robertson, threw them back in her face with devastating results.   

With a surge in demand for new content stretching productions thinner than ever, some film sets are under intense pressure to cut corners to just “get it done,” industry insiders said in the wake of the “Rust” tragedy.

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We’ll have to wait a little longer to see Doctor Strange 2.

Here is this year’s revised box office calendar to show when (or if) 2021’s big movies arrive in movie theaters (and/or online). These dates are still in flux, but we’ll let you know about the latest changes as new dates are announced.

Why should you watch Squid Game?

No question the show has a dark theme and blood spurts freely. Watching children’s games turned into deadly battles is unnerving, and it’s not for everyone. But the characters are well-developed and the action moves quickly and never lets up for long. 

Watch video Police called to protect dying seal stranded on Norfolk beach

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Last week, South Korea met its goal website of vaccinating 70% of its 52 million people, paving the way for the planned return to normal.

It has now fully vaccinated about 72% of the population, and has given at least one dose of a vaccine to more than 79.8%.

Then again, I’m a film buff and a self-described student of cinema. I watch the movies on the “all-time” lists, get to know industry terminology, and I really get a kick out of knowing the big Hollywood players from past to present.

So, for me, new movies are about more than just having a good time at my local movie theater; it’s about seeing how they stack up against what came before.

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Ms Berejiklian – who made numerous long speeches in press conferences while managing Covid-19 – continued to give long answers and Ms McColl said: ‘Ms Berejiklian, I do not think you are heeding the message I just communicated to you.’ 

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