Along the way instagram took on a different role in my daily life. The inspiration and motivation was still there but the unintentional comedy rose to new levels. Before I discuss the pictures that are my favorite let me say that I love laughing and these pictures help to take the stress away from life even if for a few moments. If you are on Instagram then I think you can agree with these pics in that they make you chuckle when you are scrolling through the pictures on your iPhone or iPad.

What good would a long distance relationship equipment checklist be without good old Skype? This is by far the very best and most vital tool you can possess for your relationship. It’s free, fast, and easy to use. This will make it easy for you to see each other on webcam every second if you want to. But we really advice against long distance couples spending longer than 4 hours per day speaking with each other over webcam. While chatting for long periods will initially provide help to overcome the distance, marketing genius it’s also healthy to get outside and live independent lives too.

Even if you’re part-time, you can start a fashion blog without having to knowing how to set up a website. Setting up a blog is actually easy and often low cost. A lot of people assume that it takes a lot of time – it really doesn’t. It doesn’t take that long to just take photos of whatever you feel like sharing and upload it to your blog. Then all you really need to do is share it around in whichever ways you can.

Always remember that your content should be geared towards your prospects. This means you have to identify their various stages of engagement and possibly their buying cycle so you can adjust your content depending on what stage they are in. Make sure you offer enough option for your prospects, for example, on formats of which they can get your content such as audio, video, PDF or PowerPoint.

instagram followers no drop Find a hobby. Whether you like to do jigsaw puzzles, put together model planes or collect antiques, a hobby does wonders to combat stress. It’s a great way to relax while learning more about the things that interest you.

instagram Before you start your day, know how much time you want to allot to social media and each individual network. Stick with that time limit so that you can be sure you are getting the most important tasks done in your time frame and don’t allow yourself to get sucked in to the rabbit hole that is the Internet.

Would you make birthday celebration cakes? You now should prepare first tooth cakes, or first day of school cakes. Do you really create t-shirts? Develop designs that celebrate everyday living. A number of mothers will line up to buy them.

instagram team is fast turning amateur photographers into enthusiasts. It’s interesting, too, to see retro-style renderings of photos taken by friends, and with the network’s recent acquisition by Facebook one has to wonder where it will go. Also, the marketer in me wonders how one can use Instagram for promotion. Naturally, you’d use it as you would a regular camera, and post appropriate pictures to your account.

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