3. It’s also possible to test the Batteries widget in your iPhone. Swipe from left to right on the house page and airpods更換電池 scroll down.

4. If you haven’t added the batteries widget to your iPhone, scroll down till you see Edit, tap on that and add Batteries.

5. This widget may even present you the battery status of different related Apple units, such as an Apple Watch.

How Do I Cost the AirPods Charging Case?

How Much Time Does it Take to fully Cost an AirPods Case?

How Do I Charge AirPods With a Cost Case?

How A lot Time Does it Take for an AirPods Case to Cost AirPods?

How A lot Discuss Time and Playtime Can a Charging Case Provide?

Are you able to Overcharge an AirPods Case?

How Do I do know if my AirPods Case is Charging?


These days, there is not any must plug the lightning cable into your AirPods to power them, as Apple has released an AirPods charger case so as to easily and effectively cost your AirPods wirelessly. It’s a wonderful piece of know-how, which is what you’d anticipate from Apple.

1. Hold the AirPod case close to your telephone.

2. Open the case and watch for a couple of seconds for the charge status to turn out to be seen on your screen.

3. If the cost standing doesn’t pop up, shut and re-open the case once extra.

4. The battery status will show up, and it will let you know the battery levels of your AirPods and the case too.

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