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Keanu Reeves says his risible Word BRZRKR is ‘an exaThe Matrix Resurrections 2021 Watch 123Movies actor was snapped last year in LA 

The storyline of the comic book is centered on Berzerker, an immortal hybrid of God and man who has a strong tendency toward violence, impacting his sanity. The character eventually winds up in the employment of the U.S. government to find out the truth about his life.

The A-list actor told the outlet that people ‘can relate to the idea of the imagination of’ immortality, which fuels the storyline of BRZRKR, which was illustrated by Marvel artist Ron Garney.

‘We stimulate vampiric stories that talk astir that,’ he aforesaid. ‘Just that’s portion of the homo condition, whether it’s the animation stipulate of our death rate or human wish-fulfillment that we don’t hold death rate.

‘In the context of violence, which is everywhere, it’s survival, it’s conquest, it’s feeding. So it plays everywhere, and we’re nerve-wracking to looking at it from dissimilar … It’s an interrogatory of it.’

Drive force: The A-number thespian told the electrical outlet that the great unwashed ‘terminate touch to the melodic theme of the imagery of’ immortality, which fuels the storyline of the comic

Life’s a beach: Reeves was snapped in June 2019 in Malibu 

Kindt aforementioned that he, Reeves and Kindt worked on the undertaking for ‘at to the lowest degree deuce years,’ a good deal of it remotely amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Reeves told the mercantile establishment of functional on the comic volume amid multiple shoot projects so much as The Ground substance Resurrections and John Wick: Chapter 4: ‘How do we witness the sentence? Because we roll in the hay it. That was what we did. We roll in the hay it.’

Others functional on the comic let in Rafael Grampá (covers and fiber designs), Visor Crabtree (colors)

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