Six Flags has announced that they have received approval to reopen Six Flags Great America on April 24th, followed by the reopening of Hurricane Harbor Chicago on May 29th. Additionally, the property will be separating Hurricane Harbor Chicago into a separately gated attraction, making it the company’s 27th park. The same safety precautions in place at already operating Six Flags theme parks will be used at both Six Flags Great America and Hurricane Harbor Chicago. Six Flags Great Adventure is excited to announce their line up of attractions and spooky fun for this year’s Fright Fest, which kicks off on September 10th. This year Fright Fest returns after taking a season off, bigger and better than before with new attractions, returning haunts, family fun during the day, live shows (like the fan-favorite Dead Man’s Party) and more. Hydra Plaza looks different this time of year as the park sets up a giant stage for Haunt and also a temporary food and beverage outlet. CarnEvil is returning as well, a fun outdoor scare zone with plenty of clowns packed into a tight walkway that is closed off on either side by giant banners, with flags and creepy lights above.

Dr. Diabolical’s Cliffhanger will be the centerpiece of the park’s 30th anniversary celebration, running the entire year of 2022. Packed with special events, visitors will find plenty of extras such as mini-museums celebrating the park’s past, then and now displays, collectable button trading and more. This year reservations will be required for all visitors to make sure they have the safest, most enjoyable day while at the park. The area is blocked off while the prep is completed, but you can see most of the sets from the midway. You can browse our products by design (including rainbow flags, religious flags, historical flags, pirate flags, and more), or you can browse our products by style (including USA car flags, stick flags, embroidered flags, streamers, and more). While in Utah, come visit our Showroom where we have an enormous selection and thousands of related items including garden accents and home accents, with new items arriving daily. The two Mr. Freeze rides went to Six Flags over Texas and Six Flags St. Louis, while the Chiller was constructed at Six Flags Great Adventure. The Hollow is still being set up and it’s already looking great and has much promise!

Set at the 1893 World’s Fair the haunted burlap easter house flag invites guests into a hotel where many never check out. While fun an educational during the day, the experience will change at night and feature blood-thirsty dinosaurs that are after the guests. He has also said he had one or two brief interactions with Papadopoulos while on the campaign. The second half of the ride will finish with two high speed helices connected by a “extreme” airtime hill. Aquaman: Power Wave is one of Mack’s PowerSplash attractions, a combination roller coaster type track with water splash boat ride. Still, it’s worth noting that Six Flags Over Texas has changed the wording on their website to indicate that Aquaman: Power Wave will now be opening in 2022, not 2021 as many expected. New this year are Fright Fest Power Hours, taking place on Thursdays in September, Wednesdays and Thursdays in October plus October 25th through 28th. This private event for thrill seekers will offer exclusive ride time on the park’s thrilling coasters and select rides, plus access to indoor and outdoor haunted mazes at reduced prices. A fan favorite, and a great favorite of mine, Blood On The Bayou will also be returning this year.

You can scrape by in most battle royale games without ever talking to your team, which is great if you’re just after a quick match, but Hazard Zone requires you to strategise and establish roles within your squad if you want to survive. This one is hard to get photographs of as it’s set back across from Steel Force’s station, but you can see the facade for the entrance peeking through in the background of this photo. A brand new scare zone for 2021, The Hollow, is being set up on the park’s lower midway just past the train track and near the Monster flat ride. The area will be set as a Wild West town that was abandonded after a mine collapse. In California, Hurricane Harbor Los Angeles will welcome back guests on May 15th and Hurricane Harbor Concord on May 22nd. These announcements leave La Ronde, located in Canada, as the only Six Flags park in North America that does not yet have a reopening date. No rides were allowed to operate until now, which will start with the park’s full reopening on May 14th. Six Flags New England will continue to offer the Dinosaur walk through until May 23rd as previously announced.

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