Chapter 1: In which Ted invites the Tri-Wi peeps for a pre-picnic swim. Chapter 2: Strange, mid-day fog made for an eerie, mysterious atmosphere. Chapter 3: We all jumped into the water and swam south. Check the water level. Check it out here. Diablo swam out just as I was swimming in. It was also the first time for her swimming in cold water. She’s from Effingham, IL, and is an open water swimmer, but this was the first time she’d ever been in Lake Michigan. The remaining leaves popped in the clear sunshine; people raked their lawns; families took walks; and swimmers took to Lake Michigan. I figure that people want to get Christmas out of the way, then settle into the process of asking a question that will test my ingenuity. 1) Will anyone else be there when I arrive? The problem though is people often assume there is just the standard size. The green stripe on my cheek is to remind the people at the eyeglasses table to shout at us to get our glasses.

If you get a chance, practice first. His mission – to be the first man to swim across the Pacific. The sun is down and the moon is up when we make our toast “Moon Swim!” Mary Ann’s first shot of Killepitsch. Even nicer when the sun came out for a moment here and there. There were a ton of people watching the race in Cochrane. Not like I was plowing through a ton of snow, it was pretty hardpacked. I wasn’t expecting to shiver like that. Looks like it’s time to get back to regular 6 pm swims, and probably regular morning swims, too. Instead of 2 minutes, it should be 10 minutes, and no back on the ice if the other team scores. Some of the best talent I’ve had on my team has been sourced through swim team suits. Best of all – no bugs! This article, The Best Women’s Swimwear Collections is released under a creative commons attribution license.

No worries though, she didn’t spill any Killepitsch and all agreed afterwards it was the best swim of the season! My pleasure and honor to serve up the Killepitsch. In the course of what is a very good movie, she describes particular pleasure many swimmers feel in the open water. They should also feel comfortable so you can move around but also know it will stay secure in place. If you make a change to your stroke, kick, or pause for any reason you will see the difference in your time. It may take a lot of space else if you have a small pool built, you won’t be able to make the most out of it. You want this to be a product that works for you so take your time to select it. “I want to remind people that you can learn how to swim at any age, do not let people discourage you. Started very slow, and let my legs decide when they wanted to pick up the pace. They’re strong swimmers, with nice strokes and a good pace. I didn’t want to lose my spot in rotation with all the swimmers, and my inner shark was loving swimming right up to their feet, and bursting past when I had the opportunity.

There are several contractors in Oklahoma City, and they are experts in anything swimming pool. There was no plan to swim yesterday. I wasn’t there. I arrived right as the noon swimmers were leaving, and did a quick swim to the R.I.P. Itch and Hank arrived just as Mary Ann and I were getting in our wet suits. It was fun to introduce my co-worker, Mary Ann to the Klode Kru experience. Mary Ann was struggling a little bit, so Itch made sure she was OK. Itch came in the water shortly thereafter. Learned that the Official water temp was 51 degrees, just before stepping in. While the air temperature was very consistent at different spots along the beach, the water temp was a completely different story. Water much clearer than earlier this week. Not sure how much interest there’ll be if the weather forecast for this weekend holds up. This weekend? Noon again? Next swim: M-F 6 PM, check blog for other possible times. All children under the age of 18 must be supervised at all times by their parents or legal guardians.

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