Avangard head coach Bob Hartley spoke about the strangest match of his career before the meeting with Ak Bars in Dubai (UAE).

“Jacques Cloutier and I witnessed the most peculiar event I can recall throughout our tenure as AHL coaches.” My squad was the Cornwell Aces, homepage and we played the Greensboro Monarchs. They sent a well-known NASCAR driver, whose name I am unable to recollect at this time. After the first period, he drove his car to the ice. The stadium had been sparsely populated in prior matches, but on that day, it was crowded with over 18 thousand fans.

The automobile then proceeds to the very center, where people are happy, and they urge the rider to get out, which he does, and wanders around the entire ice rink for a few minutes, web page greeting the fans, before returning to the car, waving to the stands, and driving away. Because the engine was so hot and so close to the ice, a huge puddle formed underneath the automobile.

The damage was so serious, and it occurred in the exact middle of the ice, that the match had to be canceled in the end. For a 20-minute game, http://3dnpc.com we had to travel 10-12 hours via bus. It was just incredible! On the Omsk citizens’ official website, Hartley adds, “The match has been postponed.”

The KHL World Games match between Avangard and Ak Bars will take place on December 3 in Dubai.

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