On October 24, 2021, at the loft “Moscow. Red October,” producer Vitaly Zlotnikov will host the show “Cabaret of Lonely Hearts.” “Italian passions with a French flavor” will unite the audience, with “burlesque and quirkiness, love and money, bright men and a deadly beauty, scorching dances and innovative entertainments.”

– The celebrity will come down to the people and surrender his heart to the one who would conquer her. Five dancers and four chances, three diva songs, and two minstrels are among the performers. However, the show’s description states that the solution to the question “With whom will the Star leave?” is “just one!”

Evgeny Kustov, a Dagestan Honored Artist, directed the “Cabaret of Lonely Hearts.” Leading actors from Moscow theaters, a circus, and a show ballet are all part of the production.

– The dance of light in a glass, webpage thin legs of beauties, and the adventures of a man in love may all be endlessly admired. You may listen to the Star’s voice, confessions of love, and Cabaret Master’s humor indefinitely. Or simply watch a stylish presentation, as the program’s makers are certain.

The world premiere of Lonely Hearts Cabaret will take place in an evocative loft overlooking the Moscow River in the city center. All attendees will be greeted with a glass of wine and a picture zone.

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