On November 5, site the third stage of the Gran Premio d’Italia Grand webpage Prix series starts in Turin.

On the first day of competition, web page the dancers will perform their rhythm dances. You can watch the competition live on the website of Channel One. Beginning – 19.00 Moscow time.

The Russian national team will include Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin.

First warm-up

1. Carolina Mosheni – Francesco Fioretti (Italy)

2. Chen Hong – Sun Zhomin (China)

3. Evgeniya Lopareva – Jofre Brissot (France)

4. Katharina Müller – Tim Dick (Germany)

5. Caroline Susis – Shane Firus (Canada)

Second warm-up

6. Carolyn Green – Michael Parsons (USA)

7. Wang Shiyue – Liu Xinyu (China)

8. Gabriela Papadakis – Guillaume Sizeron (France) – 19.58

9.Alexandra Stepanova – Ivan Bukin (Russia) – 20.05

10. Madison Hubbell – Zachary Donoghue (USA)

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