On November 5, the third stage of the Gran Premio d’Italia Grand site Prix series starts in Turin.

On the first day of competition, the men will present their short programs. You can watch the competition live on the website of Channel One. The beginning is at 22.20 Moscow time.

First warm-up

1. Chen Yudong (China)

2. Paul Fentz (Germany)

3. Gabriele Frangipani (Italy)

4. Kazuki Tomono (Japan)

5.Mikhail Kolyada (Russia) – 22.52

6. Peter Gumennik (Russia) – 22.59

Second warm-up

7. Denis Vasiliev (Latvia)

8.Cha Jung Hwan (South Korea)

9. Jin Boyang (China)

10.Dmitry Aliev (Russia) – 23.32

11. Daniel Grassl (Italy)

12. Yuma Kagiyama (Japan)

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