Croatian police have identified a woman who, website under mysterious circumstances, ended up on a rocky island in the middle of the sea. Writes about this Daily Record.

An unidentified woman, who had previously been spotted in a rocky, inaccessible bay on the island of Krk, turned out to be a citizen of Slovakia. Information about 57-year-old Daniela Adamcova, according to the publication, came from the United States, where Adamtsova lived until 2015, before moving to Ireland.

So, the perfect pronunciation of English with a Scottish accent was mistaken for Irish, since it was in Ireland that Adamtsova lived for the last few years. It was noted that the woman was a successful jewelry designer, but later became homeless.

Currently, Adamtsova is in the hospital, her condition is described as “stable”. After she is discharged from the hospital, the Croatian social services will work with her.

Earlier in September, it was reported that the Croatian police found a woman on a rock in the bay of the island of Krk – a foreign woman spoke “perfect English”, but could not remember who she was and site explain how she got to this hard-to-reach place.

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