Yuri Malikov, a musician, was a guest on the new Legend episode, which aired on the RTVI channel on October 13, 2021. In an interview, the inventor of VIA “Samotsvety” explained how he became a musician and disclosed information about his relationships with Vladimir Vinokur and Alla Pugacheva.

– I was searching for someone global with a funny bent, – Malikov remarked of Vinokur. – As a result, Volodya approached our team and began to bend his line that he wanted to sing, and singing Vinokura in VIA at that time was not fully right. And we began to generate a number. And then, just as we were finishing up his amusing song, we were called to some sort of chef’s concert, and I tried to set Volodya free with this number. We sing, people cheer, and the performance is going well overall. Vinokur appears out of nowhere. He is not only amusing, but he has also forgotten everything. It was hilarious! He had no idea what he had done. When he finished the song, he was summoned back for an encore. We didn’t even realize anything had happened. It turned out to be a “parody” genre, and he mimicked it so brilliantly and webpage naturally that he couldn’t believe it. And he almost burst into tears of joy when they found a spot for him in the show. And then he worked with us for approximately three years, then departed, and we came up with other figures. Then he built his own theater, well, what can I say, it’s not only that. And it was in “Gems” that the humourist Vinokur was born.

Pugacheva used to work in the “Merry Boys,” according to Yuri Malikov.

– Before the “Merry Fellows,” she was acquainted with Slava Dobrynin and his wife, according to the artist. – And they had a little flat on Gorky Street, where we met in 1975, in my opinion: Ira, Slava, myself with Lyusya and Alla. They hummed, drank, and sung along all night. She wasn’t yet Pugacheva, just a regular lady, not a legend. Alla was a decent person. Then she mentioned it someplace, homepage recalled.

Yuri Malikov explained why Sergei Lapin [chief of the USSR State Radio and Television – ed.] prohibited the performance of “My Address Is the Soviet Union”:

– He did not prohibit, he inquired, – Malikov clarified. – So they informed me that I didn’t talk to him about it. They informed me that Sergei Georgievich Lapin had requested them to rework the song to make it more poster-like. We did it, of course, we showed him what to do, but in any case, we gave it an old, more romantic and softer one. He suggested that the song “Soviet Union,” “My address is not a home and not a street,” “should be, so to say, established the cornerstone of the country in this song,” and we performed it in a young manner.

Malikov slammed women who told experiences of harassment in an interview.

– It’s deplorable,’ believes the musician. – So, remember, remember, remember, and forget. Everything has to be completed on schedule. So, who is going to prove it? This is a morally repugnant sensation. It is impolite if this lady begins to recall something after 50 years. Every individual can face any problem in life; nevertheless, the issue must be resolved immediately. Now, if someone has insulted you, please let me know; if something has occurred to you, please let me know; and if there is something, it is essential to punish. However, they are exaggerations.

The artist also expressed his feelings towards Dana Milokhin and Monetochka.

– I saw Danya Milokhin. So, who is he? It most likely reflects a subset of young individuals aged 15 to 17 to 20 who used to go to VIA and listen to rock music. Their audience will expand, and webpage they will be remembered a bit ironically, in my opinion, – stated Yuri Malikov. – For me, they’re all the same here. People passing by who will not stay in the pop music genre or in the pop music genre for a long time. Coin has arrived, and she is almost gone.

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